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Currently  I manage like 10 websites I have done myself. I have been working on a heavy SEO and I can be very proud that they are listed in the first page when you are googling the right words. Because of that, and a reading I did in a magazine called "The SEO handbook", I will share with you what I agree as SEO myths.

Satisfaction, guaranteed

This is a lie. As any marketing consulting (regardless the media), there is no such thing as a guaranteed rankings. In this case, you can not warrant a ranking when you come organic or natural search results.

The SEO process is something grey; there are more than two hundred factors that can affect in many ways a ranking. SEO is more like an art, there is not a recipe. And great SEO master get their knowledge from their experience: fail and try.

A high Google PageRank = high ranking

Google PageRank is not your ranking. Having a high PageRank is nice, but that won't warrant a high ranking for everything. PageRank is one of the many factors Google uses, remember that.

Endorsed by Google

Google does not endorse any SEO company. Google has Analytics and AdWords certifications for individuals.

Meta tag keywords matter

Google's head of webspam, Matt Cutts says "Google doesn't use the keywords meta tag in our scoring at all. It's just a waste of time to throw a lot of phrases into the keywords meta tag. It would be a better use of your effor to do things like speed up your website, because that can directly improve the usability of your site even independently of SEO". Instead, you should be worry about title tag and meta description tag.

Cheat your way to the top

Google's algorithm is a black box, but it is clear that sooner or later it realizes about any cheating technique. Don't try to play with fire, your webpage may be taken out of the index. If you need to warrant something, it is better you pay the keyword.

Keywords? Cram them in

It seems that Google reads the web pages. Putting many times one word won't work. There are other factors that apply for the ranking.

Instead of writing many times a keyword, it is better you write human text using it. Google will realize it is a normal text and it will index you properly. The key is to know what keyword to use.

Spending money on Google AdWords boosts your rankings

Google AdWords won't give you a better rank on organic searches. What Google AdWords gives you is a way to be listed in the paid ads.

Land here

Google will index all your site. And you must think that a visitor may land in any page. All pages are landing pages, don't forget this.

Set it and forget it

SEO is not a one time thing! It is not a project! It is an never-ending ongoing process. Having a good ranking today is not a warranty of keeping your place tomorrow. So you must keep analysing and improving what you think it is not working.

Rankings aren't the only fruit

Ranking is just a tool. The ultimate goal of a good SEO is to make money.

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