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So I got a lot of comments about people not being able to use my RPMs. I have decided to load this small video. Showing how it works.

Please note that I am using a brand new CentOS 8 minimal installation.

The commands:

  1. cat /etc/centos-release
  2. nano /etc/selinux/config
  3. reboot (wait and relog)
  4. yum install epel-release
  5. rpm -ivh
  6. service firewalld stop
  7. chkconfig firewalld off
  8. yum install fusionpbx-all fusionpbx-fail2ban-rules freeswitch-fail2ban-rules fail2ban-server fail2ban-systemd
  9. cat /usr/share/doc/fusionpbx-fail2ban-rules/README.fusionpbx-fail2ban-rules.txt /usr/share/doc/freeswitch-fail2ban-rules/README.freeswitch-fail2ban-rules.txt > /etc/fail2ban/jail.local
  10. chkconfig httpd on
  11. chkconfig php-fpm on
  12. chkconfig freeswitch on
  13. chkconfig memcached on
  14. chkconfig mariadb on
  15. chkconfig fail2ban on
  16. Log into the fusion HTTP://ip/fusionpbx and finish the installation. Default DB credentials:
    1. MySQL/MariaDB user: fusionpbx
    2. MySQL/MariaDB password: c4rl0s3l4rt1st4

Good luck!

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