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This week I have spent a lot of time coding and updating the code for the Billing and LCR for FusionPBX. Before I continue, for those who don't know, FusionPBX lacks Billing and LCR out-of-the-box. So, I decided to code it. (If you are interested in the story, you can read my campaign).

Among the many changes I have done, these are the more outstanding:

  • LCR has what I call pseudo-enum support. FusionPBX has something similar, but mine is a little different in the logic. It bases its decisions using the CDR, so if someone ports out a number, you won't be impacted by the differences between the PSTN network and your dial plan routing. I am planning to add full enum support and different LCR criteria, but the first step is done at least. I am planning to add FAX support, this will means that if there is a label passed to the LCR subsystem, it will only use FAX enable gateways.
  • Billing Paypal Plugin has been updated. It seems that PayPal changed something in its API and it was not working correctly. The tax logic as been changed, all prices are now net plus tax.
  • Billing Stripe Plugin has been updated. It now accepts the new tax logic and it provides a receipt (you will need to print it if you want to keep it).
  • Billing Offline Plugin has been updated. It nows accepts the new tax logic.
  • Applications now detect if you are running FusionPBX 4.0 or 4.2 to use the proper messaging queue system.

If all goes for good, we will have a new release before March ends.

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