Mageia is a Linux-based operating system, distributed as free and open source software. It is forked from the Mandriva Linux distribution. The Greek term mageía (μαγεία) means enchantment, fascination, glamour, wizardry.

Mageia can use all major desktop environments. As was the case with Mandrake and Mandriva Linux, KDE is the main and the most used environment.

RPM for libTelnet 0.21 26 December 2015
How to configure a Bridge Interface under RedHat based distribution? 27 December 2015
RPM for Ziproxy 3.3.1 in Mageia Cauldron 25 January 2016
RPM for Postgrey 1.36 in Mageia Cauldron 27 January 2016
RPM for C-iCAP Classify 20151104 in Mageia Cauldron 27 January 2016
RPM for C-iCAP 0.4.2 in Mageia Cauldron 27 January 2016
How to generate a SHA512 password for the /etc/shadow file? 01 February 2016
RPM for SNIProxy 0.4.0 in Mageia Cauldron 26 March 2016
RPM for Syncthing 0.12.22 in Mageia Cauldron 29 May 2016
How to Set Up a Ethereum Rig with Mageia 02 September 2016
Cpp-Ethereum 1.3.0 RPM for Mageia 6 11 September 2016
Syncthing 0.14.8 RPM for Mageia 6 04 October 2016
Ether-Proxy 0.5.2 RPM for Mageia 6 05 October 2016
More RPMs for Mageia 27 March 2018
Gunbot RPM Definition for Mageia 27 March 2018
Installing Linux Mageia in my HP Omen Laptop 14 May 2019


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