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Since the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been forced to look into other markets. One of the new opportunities I have seen is in adult entertainment. After doing research, I have found that female content creators (aka girls) are selling their material through Snapchat. They call this Premium Snapchat.

Without entering into the fine detail of how a Premium Snapchat works, I found right away the following weaknesses:

  • The content creators must do the transaction by their own means. Once they are contacted by a potential customer, they must agree in a common way to send-receive the money. PayPal? Please, if you are a content creator don't use PayPal, it is against its term of service and it is quite easy to do a chargeback.
  • Market limitation because of the payment method. If both parties are in the same country, it is easy to find a common way. However, being abroad represents a challenge with the risk of not doing business.
  • Recurrent billing must be manual. It is very easy to lose track of who is paying and who is not. Some content creators started to offer time life subscriptions to try to work around this issue, however this rise more problems than solutions:
    • content creators can get easily discouraged from doing quality content,
    • when Snapchat cancels an account, it is really a miracle to find each other. It is up to the goodwill of the content creator to honour her world of lifetime access.
  • Snapchat self-promotion runs ineffective with time. Snapchat recommends friends of friends in two-way suggestions, but it only shows the top 25 in the screen suggestion section. As time passes, a content creator-specific Snapchat won't be suggested on top of the list.

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Lately, I have finished this development and it is presented as a new product. The Sessionless Signup Form for FusionPBX allows you to put a signup form. Depending on the configuration file, the form will allow you to:

  • create a subdomain if configured,
  • create a web user,
  • create a contact entry,
  • create the first extension and name it to a fixed number, the company name or a random number
  • link the ownership of that new extension to the web user
  • create a billing profile
  • void false signups using Google Captcha

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Lately, I have been working on this new service. To Connect Me is the SIP Termination Trunk service that will boost your IP Telephony business. Among the most outstanding characteristics:

  • Prepaid,
    • Paypal and Credit Card top-up option,
    • Low top-up fees,
  • Low surcharges

If you are looking forward to lowering your telecommunication expenses, I believe this is an option to consider.

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LCR is the capacity to let the system choose the proper route based on criteria. FreeSWITCH has mod_lcr to deal with this, but you will need an application to manage thousands of rates. The first release of this application was based on original FusionPBX's author LCR application with little fixes (we are talking about release 1.0.0). From that point, I have been adding many other capabilities to make this application a must-have for people who want to do business with VoIP.

LCR for FusionPBX will allow you to upload as many rate data as you need in many carriers as well. You will be able to You will get fail-over capabilities, if your first choice fails, FreeSWITCH will try the second one and so on.

Currently, the outstanding LCR features are:

  • Multiple Carriers
  • Multiple Gateways per Carrier
  • Priority per Carrier and per Gateway that overwrites the LCR cost evaluation. Very useful if you want to force a route.
  • Diversion support
  • Easy to import massive rate lists
  • Enjoy!

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Billing is the capacity to let the system asks (money of course) for its use. This application requires LCR for FusionPBX because when you build a business, you are not only looking to make profits but to save money.

Billing for FusionPBX will allow you to get money. Currently, Stripe, Paypal and Off-line plugins are available, but others gateways can be coded. It supports multicurrency as well, you can bill one customer in EUR, other in USD, other in MXN and pay in USD.

The big advantage of this project is it is inside the FusionPBX itself. This allows billing for many other items, such as extra extensions, assigned DID and more.

Among the outstanding features of the Billing software, you will find:

  • You can have prepaid and postpaid customers.
  • You can collect money in three ways: offline mode (where users send you offline the prof of payment), PayPal and Credit Card (using Stripe). Depending on your business needs, you can enable each payment gateway for pre or postpaid users. You can also forward the gateway fees to your customers if you want.
  • Multi-currency on selected currencies. Some currencies (mostly the ones that PayPal supports) are supported. This means you may have customers in Euros, others in Canadian Dollars and other even in Mexican Pesos. The system will get the rate from the Internet and will charge the right amount.
  • Tax support
  • Static Items charge, you can charge 911 for example
  • WHMCS integration, as I have been working to make this possible. Once you set up your API credentials, the billing system will push the calls as billable items.