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Since I started on one of my old jobs to work with VoIP, I got 100% sure that VoIP is the cheapest way to communicate. Not only because communication between endpoints is for free, but because calling to the PSTN is cheaper comparing with any telephone company.

I have started this little project called To Call Me. It allows a person like me, like you, to talk by telephone with very low rates. People who use To Call Me service will need to configure their extension (a computer, a hardware IP phone, or a sofphone in a smartphone). After that, you can put any kind of credit to start talking. The service is pre-paid, in other words, pay as you go; you only need to add credit when you need to talk.

In order to make this project to work, I use FusionPBX as the core. But FusionPBX out of the box is not enough. I coded in PHP what I call a session-less sign up page. This way when a user signs up, it will create all the needed infrastructure (dialplan, and more configurations). I did code the Billing for FusionPBX application (I will present that later). Not to mention there is alot of work, specially configuring dialplans and modules for the FreeSWITCH.

About the pricing, I developed an algorithm to suggest a fair price for customers based on your carrier information and how much you want to earn. This way, I still earn money and you still save. For example, if I remember for good, calling to USA48 and Canada it is about 0.0088 USD per minute; this means that you will be able to call almost 2 hours with only 1 USD. Cheap!, isn't it?

If you are looking to save communication costs give a try to my project. If you are looking forward to having your own VoIP company, you can contact me and you can have the same business model as I have.

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