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The most common case of HA is done with a floating IP technique. However, this has a big restriction: all node servers must be routable with the floating IP. Being routable with the floating IP means in almost 99% of cases that all nodes must be physically speaking in the same Data Center. What does this mean to you? It is a matter of pricing and security!

Regardless if you are using virtualization or bare metal servers, not every data center is able to do a floating IP configuration. If they are, they will charge you for that configuration and the IP assignment.

All servers in the same nest is not a very good practice, if the data center is good, you will be safe. Good data centers are not cheap. Think when you have one that has been going down more than once. Moving to another data server is not very easy if you are attached to an IP.

So, here it is my solution!

I have developed what I call Low Latency PowerDNS. This plugin will allow you to set up an intelligent DNS server that will return a specific IP depending on various scenarios and the chosen algorithm. At this very moment, it supports two:

  1. Less FreeSWITCH node latency: by using some approximations, it will answer you with the IP that has less latency.
  2. Less FreeSWITCH loaded: by doing some metrics on the PBXes, it will answer with the less loaded server.

At this moment, the plugin works with FreeSWITCH, but with little modifications, it will work with any kind of software. By using it, you will save money as you won't be attached to a specific IP or to a specific data center. You will be able to put servers in different data centers across the globe.

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