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More than one who knows me already knows my history with the FusionPBX author hasn't been a good one. It has been a bitter-sweet relationship. However, lately, I have gotten more rejections from my pull requests: beneficial pull requests such as the ability to expire objects in the new file-cache system arguing that it has hidden purposes and putting on a vote to accept or not a cosmetic fix (a /** **/ comment) are some of the behaviours I don't like. But most lately the removal of MySQL/MariaDB support from FusionPBX, while FreeSWITCH 1.10.x has implemented mod_mariadb, is the big reason why I am forking FusionPBX 5; I did send a pull request returning the support but it hasn't been accepted. A list of all my PRs can be reached here

We have a very different vision of what a PBX must be.

What is CoolPBX?

My fork will be named CoolPBX. It will follow my vision of what a PBX must be.

CoolPBX Roadmap

The following objectives are set:

CoolPBX 1

  • FusionPBX 5 fork,
  • Child-Parent support,
  • Cluster ready,
  • XML engine will be rewritten,
  • LCR/Billing integration out of the box,
  • FreeSWITCH modules migration,
  • MariaDB support back.

CoolPBX 2

  • Laravel migration.

I will continue supporting the FusionPBX and sending pull requests that I consider they are beneficial for both projects. The project will be open source, however, I haven't decided yet how the business model will work.

Good luck!

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