If you are looking forward to coming to Canada, give a look to this website:
katapulta canada

It has free information about how to go as a tourist, as an international student, as a temporal foreign worker or, as a permanent resident.

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After about 10 natural days, I got an email saying my exam results are ready. So I went immediately to review. All was good, I got minimum English qualifications for the NOC career I have. If you have a NOC A or 0 careers, your minimum qualification must be 7 in the CLB scale in all competencies.

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Sometimes when you find a good job, your new employer does not know what to do. If this is a declared job (paying taxes), one of the first things you need to do is to sign a contract. Fortunately, Canadian contracts are not very complex (note that I am not a lawyer, but I have signed them up at least twice). As an employee, you can help him/her to speed things up by giving him/her this template. It covers almost everything you need. I have got this template after reviewing several, including the ones I have already signed up in hard copy.

In this specific case, I used this template for a 6661 NOC Occupation. If you are not familiar with this, NOC is the way all occupations are classified in Canada. Every work has a NOC code, regardless of the fancy title name. If you are looking forward to having a work permit, having a signed contract or a job offer letter is one of the many steps you need to have. I won't talk about the importance of knowing your code, but it really makes a difference if there is an agreement that speeds up your employment process.

Here it is the template I am using. I will put in RED things you must pay attention to fill out.

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Today I have just published in the OKay's RPM repository RPMs for cpp-ethereum 1.3. It is the third most popular of the Ethereum clients, behind geth (the go client) and Parity (the rust client). The code is exceptionally portable and has been used successfully on a very broad range of operating systems and hardware.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to do RPM's for CentOS 6. Since I have done a lot of package backporting, there is a linking/include library problem I am not able to solve.

RPM's are available for Centos 6 and 7. And you can find it if you type yum search cpp-ethereum.


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Auto-provisioning is the technique that allows a hardware telephone to pull its SIP configuration from the PBX, this way a system administrator doesn't need to be in front of the telephone each time there is a change; think on auto-provisioning as a remote configuration. Auto-provisioning will reduce the need of having the hardware in your hands each time you want to change a SIP credential.

Aastra telephones are supported on FusionPBX, but they are not out-the-box. I will talk about how I did to auto-provision an Aastra phone.

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After living for 5 years in Canada with three different employers and at least five work permit renewals, I finally got the permanent resident in Canada for me and my family. I will describe in this article how I did it and I will share some few tips.

Please remember I am going to write what to do, not how to do it. I will also describe my specific case, which will be useful for those who have a similar scenario. Please do not send me questions regarding how to do things or what if you have another profession different than mine, I will just ignore those comments.


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