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After six years when I moved to Canada, I finally stop procrastinating and decided to get a car for my family. For general cars, Ontario has three level before you are fully entitled to drive. G1 (starters) where you can't drive alone, G2 (intermediate) you can drive alone, and G (advanced).

Canadians usually don't have problems with this system when starting to drive. As a teenager, you can do your writing exam when you are 16 and you can drive your parents' car to get the experience needed for the G2. However, as an immigrant, you are not a teenager, you do not have a car and usually, you do not have a close friend who is willing to let you drive his car. That was my situation.

I will write how I managed to get the G2 in 30 days.

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Montreal is one of the cities with most part of inmigrants in its population. Because of that, not everyone makes a celebration of Halloween. Then, when you are going to do Trick or Treat it is very important to know what doors to knock. The answer is easy, if the house has been customized (even if they only have a little pumpkin outside), you are suppose to go there for candies.

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Today was a very interesting day, Montréal Science Centre is doing its second dinosaur exposition. It is not a really big exposition, but it is well structured and many of the dinosaurs showed were mechanic. They moved!

If you are in Montréal, Québec, you can find this nice museum at:

2 Rue de la Commune O,
Montréal, QC H2Y 4B2

I am uploading some photos. Enjoy them.



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