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In my last work change, I hired a Certified Immigration Consultant to do this. As I am Mexican and my profession is included in the NAFTA, I am a candidate for an LMIA (former LMO) exception. This means the employer effort is minimum.  I will put here the documents he prepared. Please not I am not a lawyer, I just sharing with you what happened to me.

LMIA Exemption Package

  • Completed Application to Change Conditions, Extend my Stay or Remain in Canada as a Worker (IMM 5710). In this specific case, the employer needs to give the LMIA exemption number (it starts with an A). In order to get it, he/she should sign up in the Employer Portal
  • Completed Document Checklist (IMM556): please be sure all these documents are in the folder.
  • Fee Payment Receipt, you can go to the Pay your Fees web page to do that
  • Use of Representative (IMM 5476): only if you use a designated representative
  • Photocopy of marriage Certificate (if any): original and translate to French or English by a certified translator
  • Photocopy of passport biodata page
  • Photocopy of current immigration document (if any)
  • Photocopy of proof of experience: in my case was the resume
  • T23 exemption support document: printed page from the Government of Canada web page listing that the chosen profession is an exemption (In my case was NOC 2171), proof that employer really exists (tax registrations TPS and TVQ records in my case), print out of enterprise website, diplomas and transcripts of studies done (original and translated copy by a certified translator), employment offer (could it be the signed contract or the offer letter)
  • Online Form: Offer of Employment to a Foreign National Exempt from a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) IMM 5802 with proof of payment by the employer

You may add any other document to back what you state in the forms. The key is to show that you are claiming that it is true.

T23 Exemption may backfire

As on August 16th, 2016, getting a T23 LMIA exemption could be the easiest way for coming and getting a work in Canada. Avoiding the annoying experience for potential employers of doing an LMO is a good incentive. However, I must tell you that this won't get your residence status. In order to get those desired 600 points from the Express Entry, you need an LMIA. Getting 600 points (without LMIA) you should get a minimum grade of 10 in language skills (English and French), have at least 5 years of foreign work experience, at least 1 year of Canadian work experience, have a Ph.D. grade and being in your 20's. Which it is impossible, only a prodigy child may do it (and maybe he might be in a better place than Canada for sure).

This November 19th, 2016 there was an update. If you are a NAFTA worker you are now eligible to earn 200 points (if you are NOC 00) or 50 (if you are NOC 0, A, B) and as consequence 50 extra points of knowledge transfer (depending on your language grades). So, your score may rise between 50 and 250 points depending NOC occupation and language score.

If you are single, you only depend on you to get the points. But if you are married, your wife or husband must have high scores as well, as 40 points depend on her or him.

There are some rumors that Express Entry rules will change in Fall 2016, but I haven't found the final rule release. We should monitor the Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System Criteria.

Good Luck!

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