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When I was studying for my CELPIP exam I got material from them. Unfortunately, I can not put the PDF to the public because it has a watermark with my personal email. But I can put you here what it says.

CELPIP's twentieth-fourth error as they state:

A common error that occurs both in the CELPIP Writing and Speaking Tests is the tendency to for some test-takers to clutter their responses with irrelevant and repetitious words and phrases. The use of redundancies can create a barrier to communication and cause the test-taker to lose marks.

There are three types of redundancies that commonly affect CELPIP test-takers. First, there are redundant phrases such as twelve midnight or won a victory. The second type occurs when a word is used repeatedly in a sentence when a synonym could .easily be substituted. For example, "As a supervisor in this company, you supervise your staff members" Here, the word manage would be a better choice in the second phrase. Finally, the repeating of nouns in multiple simple sentences when sentence combinations and pronouns could be used.

How to Avoid Redundancies

  • Replace some of the nouns with pronouns:
    I had a teacher in high school. She taught me so much. I will always remember her (better)
  • Join sentences together to avoid repeating subjects:
    I had a teacher who taught me so much in high school that I will always remember her (best)


The use of intensifiers that are vague and meaningless

  • I thought you did a really good job with that.
  • I thought you did a good job with that.
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