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I've got an interesting booklet about how to do an online business. It has its interesting points, not everything applies to every online business model, but it is a good point to start. So I am going to comment the second topic called "What's stopping you?". This first summary will ask you why are you doing this. Be ready to answer this question.

We've looked at the benefits of starting a business and what personal characteristics you need, so let's examine the other side of the coin: what's holding you back from simply getting on with it now? Let's look at the four most common reasons given for not starting a business now.

The most common excuses are:

  1. I'm worried about the competition: What you want to state is you are not confident. There is a market for everyone and no one is perfect. You will learn as you grow.
  2. I don't know what I want to do: Start doing brainstorming, get the best ideas (what are your skills?) and then narrow them for a specific niche.
  3. I'm worried about the financial risk, will I lose everything? Don't start with a big fancy office or with a lot of products in your stock. Start small, and as you start having customers you can start adding more things to your offer.
  4. I don't have time: This is one of the most common excuses, but all it is on your discipline. If you can manage to assign 5 hours a week to start your business, don't change this; rewards of having your own business are very satisfying.

You should always obey the golden rule when starting a new business: never risk more tan you can afford to lose.

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