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If you are into Linux and Photography (some of us are) and you, like me, have a not very old Canon camera, you may see that the RAW files are not longer CR2 files, but with extension CR3. CR3 raw format is the new replacement for CR2 that comes with all Digic8 chipsets. In my very specific case, with my Canon 90D.

canon 90d

I was amazed by the quality of this camera (I come from a Canon 200D aka SL2 that has a Digic7 chip). Canon did a good job from version 7 to 8. However, here it comes the issues, I saved my photos in CR3 format, and when going to my desktop, not KDE, nor Darktable (current version 3.2.1 when writing this article) were able to recognize it. Windows is not an option for me.

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 (So, this could be a very good week or very bad. My old desktop started to behave very annoyingly, freezing every ten minutes is not the ideal scenario. Happily, I had a spare CPU I was using for Windows applications only, so I decided to take it. Because I have some spare AMD Radeon R9 290 GPUs, I decide to install one of them.

Again, I have been getting into photography so again, processing RAW files with the CPU is not a good idea. Not even if your desktop has twelve cores. So I had had to figure out a way to make it work.

As I had described in the article where I made my discrete NVIDIA work with Darktable, this software needs the IMAGE support. So, the situation is the following:

  • only the proprietary AMDGPU PRO module offers IMAGE support, so no Radeon module.
  • the AMDGPU PRO requires X.Org 1.1xx, Mageia 7 comes with X.Org 1.20.x

Here it is what I did to make it work.

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As I have written before, after more than five years it was time to retire from hard work my trust old laptop. I decided to get an HP Omen. I must say the hardware is quite amazing and to get the best of it I installed Mageia 7 (current version when writing the articles).

Recently I have been getting into photography (I will write about that later) and of course, getting the software to develop RAW files is a must. I think Darktable is the best for it; however, this kind of software is really heavy, even this super powerful laptop with 12 cores at 3+ GHz got dizzy. Fortunately for us, Darktable supports GPU processing which offloads the CPU and displays the images almost right away.

Configuration to make this possible is kind of tricky. I will put here my notes hoping it will help other fellows Linux photographers. My notes are on Mageia but I am confident that anyone could apply them to their own Linux distribution.

It took me weeks to figure it out.

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