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So many of you may be already aware that from FreeSWITCH 1.10.x it is possible to connect directly to MariaDB (and MySQL) without using ODBC. I am trying right now with a customer's server, and so far it is working very nice. So, I will describe how to make it work.

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MoneroOcean is not just another Monero mine. The key difference of this mine against others is that you do not really mine Monero, you are mining other altcoins, then the mine sells them and sends to you payment in Monero. This opens the possibility to many things; things that are out of the scope of this article, but trust me, it is a really cool mine.

Because of the altcoin approach, it is impossible to know how much monero a single worker has contributed. Think of a situation where you have multiple machines and you are wondering, in terms of money to know which one is the most profitable one. The mine gives you the accepted shares per worker, and the amount of monero of that given found has contributed to your balance, and of course what altcoin was mined. However, there is no way to do a direct correlation between those earnings and what a worker has contributed to it.

Happily for us, I found a very close approximation. Keep reading.

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If you are into Linux and Photography (some of us are) and you, like me, have a not very old Canon camera, you may see that the RAW files are no longer CR2 files, but with extension CR3. CR3 raw format is the new replacement for CR2 that comes with all Dig!c8 (or better) chipsets. In my very specific case, with my Canon 90D and R6.

canon 90d

I was amazed by the quality of this camera (I come from a Canon 200D aka SL2 that has a Digic7 chip). Canon did a good job from version 7 to 8. However, here comes the issue, I saved my photos in CR3 format, and when going to my desktop, not KDE, nor Darktable (current version 3.2.1 when writing this article) were able to recognize it. Windows is not an option for me.

UPDATE: Darktable 3.8 is released. If you compile it with exiv2 version 0.27.4 with BMFF support enabled through its RawSpeed library, you will be able to open them directly.

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