If you are looking forward to coming to Canada, give a look to this website:
katapulta canada

It has free information about how to go as a tourist, as an international student, as a temporal foreign worker or, as a permanent resident.

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There are three ways to get a work permit in Canada:

  1. Applying online
  2. Sending a request by email
  3. Visiting the border

I will write here about the third option. I went in November 2015.

Visiting the border is the fastest way to get your work permit, however, you should know that because that decision must be done at that very moment, there are many factors that could play positive or negative in your application. Some things I can think at this moment are: making phone calls (someone must answer), and even if the agent who is evaluating is having a good or bad day. The current agent has all the power to accept or reject your application.

Please note I am not an Immigrant Consultant, and the content of this article and any other in this blog is to share my experience.


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After about 10 natural days, I got an email saying my exam results are ready. So I went immediately to review. All was good, I got minimum English qualifications for the NOC career I have. If you have a NOC A or 0 careers, your minimum qualification must be 7 in the CLB scale in all competencies.


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I think more than one has this question, so I will write what I did. I hope this helps you.